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Gang Street Slang

Some of the Street Slang of Gangs
AB - Aryan Brotherhood
ABG - Anybody Gets It
ABT - Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
ADR - Used by Latin Kings; Spanish: Amor de Rey (love to the king)
AKIA - A Klansman I Am (KKK)
AKIGY - A Klansman Is Greeting You
ALKN - Almighty Latin King Nation
AN - Aryan Nation (use the guise of religion)
ANP - American Nazi Party
AOK - Always Out Killing
ARM - Aryan Resistance Militia
A Buster - A fake or imitation
A-Town - Atlanta, GA
Academy - Prison or jail
Ace Kool - Best friend; backup
Ad Seg - Administrative Segregation; prison disciplinary unit
Adidas - Used by Crips; All Day I Destroy A Slob (Bloods)
AK - Semi-automatic weapon;AK-47
Alice - Aryan Brotherhood
All Is Good - Term used by People Nation
All Is One - Term used by Folks Nation
Almighty Latin King Nation - Hispanic street gang
Always and forever - Blood for life
Answer up - Bloods; Respect your superiors orders
Approved For The Hood - Approved for membership in the Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas - White supremacist prison gang
BP - Brown Pride (Hispanic)
BFL - Blood For Life
BG - Baby gangster; very young member
BGD - Black Gangster Disciple; also known as Better Growth and Development in attempt to improve image
BGDN - Black Gangster Disciple Nation
BGF - Black Guerrilla Family prison gang
BIH - Burn in hell
BK - Blood Killer - term used by Crips
BKA - Blood Killer Always
BLA - Black Liberation Army - terrorist group
BMW - Bob Marley Wheels - Used by Jamaican Posses as a tribute to Bob Marley - BMW is favorite automobile of the posses
BNG - Bahala Na Gang - Filipino street gang
Bomb - Marijuana laced with heroin
BOS - Brothers of Struggle - prison faction of Gangster Disciples; also Beat On Sight
BOSS - Brothers of Steady Struggle (same as BOS)
BPP - Black Panther Party
BPSN - Black P Stone Nation gang
BTK - Born To Kill; Vietnamese street gang
BWP's - Bitches With Problems
B Queen - Female member of Bloods
B's Up C's Down - Disrespect of Crips by Bloods
Baby Gangster - Very young (7-12 years) children, who are used by gang to act as lookouts, hold drugs, guns, etc.
Bad Bone - I don't trust him
Baile - To fight (from Spanish verb meaning to dance)
Baller - A high rolling gang member (making money)
Bandera - Spanish for "flag"; refers to gang colors
Banger - Gang member
Bangin'- Gang fighting or violence; being in a gang
Barrio (Varrio) - Spanish for "neighborhood"
Base-head - Person hooked on "coke"
Be down - Loyalty; defends set during adversity
Beemer - BMW automobile
Benzo - Mercedes Benz automobile
Be Real - Prepare for war
Beggars - Derogatory term used by Bloods for Muslims
Big Boy - Upper echelon (leader) gang member
Bitch - Someone who does not show respect; a sucker
Blob - Crips derogatory term for Bloods
Bloods - Black street gang originated in Los Angeles
Blood In - Initiation - Initiated member must shed someone's blood; may include murder
Blood Out - Member's blood spilled to get out of gang
Blood In-Blood Out - Mexican Mafia motto; A requirement to join some gangs - to join, you must kill someone; your death (natural or by being killed) is the only way out of the gang
Blood Killer - Term used by Crips
Blow Man - Gang member selected to shoot or kill someone 
Blue Birds - Believed to be the original name of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang
Blunt - A cigar with most tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana; may also be laced with cocaine
Body Shop - Clinton Correctional Facility (NY); used by Bloods
Boned out - Quit; chickened out; left
Book - To run away or leave
Born Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Baltimore, MD
Bote - Jail (Spanish)
Bounce - To go somewhere; to leave
Bowling ball - An automobile painted with speckled paint
Brace Ya Self - Chill; fall back
Brand - Tattoo
Break - Run; get away
Breakdown - A shotgun
Bro - A brother
Brother - A fellow gang member
Bud - Marijuana cigarette
Buck - Prison made alcohol; home brew 
Bucket - Old junky car
Bull - Meaning: Bloods Usually Live Longer
Bullet - One year in custody
Bumble bee - Latin Kings
Bumper kit - A girl's rear end
Burgers - Derogatory term for Latin Kings
Bust a cap - To shoot at someone
Busted - Shot at someone; to be arrested
Buster - A fake gang member - derogatory term for Norteño
Busters, The - The police
CAT - Crippin' All (the) Time
CFL - Crip For Life
CK - Crip Killer - term used by Bloods
CVL - Conservative Vice Lords gang
C Queen - Female Crips member
C World - Crips World
C's Up B's Down - Disrespect of Bloods by Crips
Califas - Hispanic slang for Southern California
Candy land - Green Haven Correctional Facility (NY)
Carnal - Hispanic prison/street gang member; a brother
Carnala - Hispanic female "sister"
Catorce - Spanish for number "14"
Check it out - Listen to what I am saying
Checked in - Used by Hispanics; meaning to be initiated into a gang
Chill out - Stop doing that; cool it; calm down
Chillin - Hanging out; relaxing
Chill Town - Long Island; Coney Island
Chip dog - Gang member who skims money, drugs
Chipping -  Infrequent or occasional use of narcotics
Chiva - Slang: Spanish for heroin
Chola - Hispanic girl involved with gangs
Cholo - Hispanic boy involved with gangs
Chuco - Derived from "Pachuco"; an early 1940's Hispanic gang member; also slang for El Paso, Texas
Clica - Spanish slang for "gang"
Clique - Synonymous with gang
Cold Storage - Solitary confinement (prison)
Come with power - Bring your gang; a gang fight
Contract - An ordered homicide
Colors - Item of clothing worn to signify gang membership
Cop - To get, to steal
Cop Shop - Police station
Courting in - Initiation process - fighting 2 or more gang members for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 30)
Courting out - Departing member fights 2 or more gang member for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 60)
Cousin - Enemy of Bloods (Crips)
Crab - Derogatory name for Crips - used by Bloods
Crank it - Turn the music up loud
Crew - Synonymous with gang
C.R.E.A.M. - Cash Revolves Everyday Around Me
Crips - Black street gang originating in Los Angeles
Crip Killer - Term used by Bloods, Latin Kings
Crippin' - Involved in gang banging- used by Crips
Cuete - Gun (Spanish)
Curb service - To sell narcotics (usually crack cocaine) on the street 
Cuz, Cuzz - Crips member
Cuzzin - Cripping; being a gangster
DDP - Dominicans Don't Play gang
DK - Disciple Killer
D Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Detroit, MI
DWB - Dirty White Boys prison gang
Da Jungle - Brooklyn, NY
Da Projects - Sing Sing Prison
Damu - Swahili for "Blood"; used by Bloods
Dawg (dog) - Friendly greeting for someone
De Corazon - Used by Neta; Spanish for "From the heart"
Dead Presidents - Currency; money
Dead Rag - Red rag; derrogatory term used by Crips for the Bloods red colors
Death Row - New York City
Def - Slang - short for death
Demonstration - Gang fight
Desert - Five Percenter name describing Queens, NY
Deuce and a half - 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol
Dime - 10 year prison sentence; $10 bag of drugs
Dis - Slang for "disrespect"
Disciple Queen - Disciple gang's female sex object
Dissed Out - Given no respect; disrespect
Dissin - Disrespecting another person
Divorced - To get out of a gang
Do a ghost - To leave the area
Doing A Rambo - Attack a person
Dog - Gun (used by Jamaican Posses)
Dogging - Mistreating someone
Dog Pound - East Coast street gang
Doing a jack - Committing a robbery
Don - Next rank under "king"
Donuts - Derogatory term for Black Gangster Disciples
Double deuce - 22 caliber weapon
Double O.G. - 2nd generation gang banger
Down - Connected with - as in "He's down with the set."
Down for the hood - Loyalty to the neighborhood
Down for mine - Ability to protect one's self
Down with the set - Everything's fine; O.K.
Do you want to ride - Tear his ass up
Draped - Wearing a lot of jewelry
Dressed down - Wearing gang related colors
Drinking 40's - Drinking 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor
Drippin - Colors
Drive-by shooting - A planned or a random shooting; sometimes used as an initiation for a new member
Dropping the flag - Quitting the gang
Durag - Bandana (handkerchief) worn on the head; usually the gang colors
Dusted - Killed; high on Angel Dust
Efe - Spanish for letter "F" - refers to Nuestra Familia prison gang
E-Ricketts - Enemy; Crips
Easy walkers - Tennis shoes
Eight ball - 1/8 ounce of cocaine
El Rukns - Black street gang (originally Black P Stone Nation)
Eme - Spanish for letter "M" - refers to Mexican Mafia priso gang
Emi - Name sometimes used by Mexikanemi prison gang
Ene Efe - Spanish for letters "N" & "F"; refers to Nuestra Familia prison gang
Enforcer - Gang member who disciplines members for rules violations
Ese - Hispanic slang - "Hey, man"; "Hey, dude
Ese vato - Hispanic slang - "Hey, dude"; that person
Esseys - Black street gang slang for Hispanics
Everything is everything - It's all right
Expect Rain/Thunder - Expect trouble
FTW - Fuck The World; term believed to have been originated by bikers but now commonly used by others
F-14 Bulldogs - California prison gang with street gang chapters; Origin: Fresno, CA (14 represents Northern CA.)
False Flagging - Flashing a sign or symbol by a non-gang member
Ferria - Spanish for loose change; money
Fila - Knife
Five Nine Brims - Blood rules; 59 Brims-San Diego Blood set
Five Percenters - A group that teaches that the Black man is God
Flaco - Spanish for "skinny"; used as nick name
Flag - Gang colors
Flashing - Displaying hand signs
Floatin - Driving fast
Floss - To show off
Flue - Derogatory term for color "blue"
Flying the flag - Wearing the gang colors
Folks Nation - An alliance of many gangs; all gangs of this nation use symbols or other identifers on the right side of the body
Foot soldiers - Lowest rank in the set, crew, etc.
Four five - 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol
Free air - Released from jail or prison
Friday 13th - Attica Prison (NY)
Frog - A girl with no morals (hops into bed with anyone)
From womb to tomb - Blood 4 Life
Fugly - Extremely ugly
Full gear - Blood colors (red)
G - Slang for "gangster" - for members of the Five Percenters, letter "G" represents a belief that 5%ers are God
G27 - Prison gang formed in Puerto Rico - has reached U.S. east coast and may be found in several prison systems
GD - Gangster Disciples; also Growth and Development for political reasons
GKB - Gangsta Killer Bloods
Gage - Shot gun
G-ride - A stolen vehicle
Game - Criminal activity
Gang bang - To fight with rival gang members
Gang banger - Gang member
Gang banging - Involved in gang activity; usually criminal
Gangsta - Term for "gangster"
Ganja - Marijuana
Gauge - Shotgun
G Down - To get dressed up
Gear - Clothing
Get down - Fighting
Generic - A fake
Get jammed - To be accosted
Get off the gate - Get it on: to start fighting
Getting Busy - Doing drive-by shootings, robberies, etc.
Get some gone - Get out of my face
Gettin some digits - Getting someone's telephone number
Ghetto Star - Drug dealer; A "hood" celebrity
Ghost - To disappear; get lost
Gig - A gang gathering (party, dance)
Give him the big picture - meaning to "hit" someone
Give him a bus ticket home - meaning to "hit" someone
Ghost Town - Bronx, NY
G-name - Gang members street name or monicker
Glass house - A four door automobile (lots of windows or ports))
God Body - A name sometimes used by members of the Five Percenters  when referring to themselves or another member
Going Off - Acting crazy
Going on line - To join a gang
Got it going on - A successful person; successful gangster
Graffiti - Signs, symbols, writings, defining a gang's neighborhood, turf, or territory
G-ster - Short for gangster
H8 - Hate; "H" plus eight = hate
HBS - Hanging, Banging, Slanging; Hanging out, Banging, Selling dope
HPL - Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos - Hispanic prison gang
Ham sandwich - Derogatory term for Muslims
Hardcore - Extreme; big time gangster
Hardcore gang member - May be the leader; usually the most violent and street wise
Heart - Courage
Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos - Hispanic prison gang
He's from no where - No gang affiliation
High numbers - Large denominations of money
High rollin - Making money; dealing in drugs
High roller - Usually the leaders who control the drug dealing; those who reap the profits
Hittin up - Putting up graffiti
Holding down - Controlling turf or an area
Holding Aces - I'm unarmed; I need a gun
Holmes - Home boy
Home boy - A fellow gang member from the same neighborhood
Home grown - Born in the hood; a brother from the South
Homey - homie From the same neighborhood; a fellow gang member
Homos - Derogatory term for Ñetas
Hood - Neighborhood; a gangster
Hood Rat - A Black prostitute on crack cocaine
Hooked up - Affiliated with a gang
Hook me up - Set up a deal
Hyna - Girl friend (used by Hispanics)
IG - Imperial Gangsters street gang
GC - Insane Gangster Crip (west coast)
INP - International Posse; a multicultural Florida based gang
Inca - Highest ranking officer in the Latin Kings
Indios - Spanish for "indian"; used by Barrio Azteca towards fellow gang members
Insane Gangster Crips - West coast set
In the clouds - High on drugs
In the mix - Gang activity
J-1 - Penal code for murder in Kansas
Jacked - Robbed - usually at gun point
Jacked up - Beaten or assaulted
Jammed - Confronted
Jefe - Spanish for "boss" or "chief"
Jet - To run away
Jive - Used instead of "five" by Black Gangster Disciples
Jive Percenter - Used by Five Percenters for someone who does not truly represent the Five Percenters
Joto - Spanish for "homosexual"
Juice - Respect
Jumped in - Initiation into a gang
Jumped out - Process of leaving a gang; usually requires person to survive a beating by 2 or more members
Jumping in - Initiation into gang; requires person to survive beating to show no fear and to defend honor
KKK - Ku Klux Klan
Keep it moving - Forever represent (rep) your set
KHMER - Refers to Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian revolutionary force; found on Asian gang members as a tattoo or in graffiti
Kibbles - N - Bits - Crumbs of cocaine
Kicking it - Taking it easy; relaxing
Kicks - Sneakers
Killa - Killer
Kite - Illegal written prison correspondence; a letter
Knocked - Killed
Ku Klux Klan - White supremacists; Violent history dates to post Civil War
Kool - Everything's all right; it's O.K.
L,L,L,W,U,K - Love, Life, Loyalty, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge - used by Folk Nation
LKK - Latin King Killer
LR - La Raza; Spanish term meaning "Race"
Lady in red - My bitch (lady); Bloods
La Eme - Spanish for the letter "M" - Refers to the Mexican Mafia prison gang
La Trece - Spanish for "the 13"; a reference to Southern California allegiance
Lame - Boring; pitiful as in "That's a lame excuse."
La Raza - Spanish meaning: Race (ethnicity); has been adopted as a gang name in some areas
Live hook up - Phone call made from jail or prison to the outside worLit up - Shot at
Lizard butt - Ugly girl
Loc - Loco; crazy (also lok)
Locs - Dark sun glasses; Folks Nation members
Looking to machine - Seeking sex
Lord Allah - Five Percenters name describing Los Angeles, CA
Low budget - Cheap girl (date)
MM - Mexican Mafia prison gang
MMM - Money, Macks, (weapon) and Murder; money, mayhem, and murder; sometimes money, making more money, and murder
MOB - Member Of Bloods; Money Over Bitches
MOM - Member of Mecca; tattoo worn by a member of the Five Percenters
MSB - Money, Sex, Bitches
MS 13 - Mara Salvatrucha (13 represents South)
Make it hot enough - Prepare for war
Man, The - Police
Maricon - Spanish for "homosexual"
Mark - A wannabe gang member
Marano - Spanish for "pig"; refers to corrections or law enforcement officers
Married - Joined a street or prison gang
Mecca - Name describing Harlem, NY; Also used by Bloods to disrespect Crips - Murder Every Crazy Crip Alive
Medina - Five Percenters name describing Brooklyn, NY
Mission - Contract "hit"; drive by shooting
Mi vida loca - Spanish for "My crazy life"; depicts gangs attitude to life in general
Moniker - Street name; nick name
Morocco - Five Percenters name describing Seattle, WA
Mota - Spanish slang for marijuana
Mushroom - An innocent by-stander in a drive-by shooting
My bad - It's my fault; my mistake
My nine - 9 mm semi-automatic pistol
N/H - Neighborhood
NF - Nuestra Familia - Hispanic prison gang
NLR - Nazi Low Riders - white supremacist street and prison gang
NS - Northern Structure - Hispanic prison gang
NSWP - Neo Supreme White Power
Nation - An alliance or affiliation of many gangs
Nation of Gods and Earths - Five Percenters; God represents the Black man; Earth represents the Black woman
New Jerusalem - Five Percenters name describing State New Jersey
Ñeta - Hispanic gang that formed in prison system in Puerto Rico.  Now a very powerful prison gang found mainly in east coast prison systems
Nickel - A 5-year prison sentence
Nickel Bag - $5 worth of drugs
Nickel Bags - Derogatory term for Five Percenters
Norte - Spanish for "north"
Norteño/Norte 14 - Spanish for"northern" or "from the north"
Northern Structure - Hispanic prison gang
Nosedrops - Drugs; narcotics
Nuestra Familia - Prison gang - Spanish for "Our Family"
Nuttin but gangster - Keeping it real
OB - Original Banga
OG - Original Gangster; usually the founder of the set; upper echelon of leadership in the gang
OPP - Other Peoples Property
OZ - Ounce of drugs
Opposites - Enemies
Original Gangster - A leader; usually the founder of the set; one who moved up to the top, sometimes through attrition
P's - Pachucos
PV - Por Vida; Spanish for; "for life"; "always"
Pachucos - Hispanic street gang formed during the early 1940's; involved in "Zoot suit" riots in L.A.
Packing - To have a gun on your person
Peace out - See you later; goodbye
Peckerwoods - A Caucasian; cracker (Southern slang)
Peep - Look at; listen up; used by Five Percenters to describe the new followers who are learning the philosophy of the group
Pee wees - Young gang members; used as runners and look-outs
Pelon - Spanish moniker meaning "bald" or "baldy"
People Nation - An alliance of many gangs; gangs within this nation wear symbols and identifiers on the left side of the body
Piru - Los Angeles street where Bloods originated; nick name for Bloods
Placa - a gang member's street name
Player - Gang member
Played out - Something that is no longer used
Pop goes the weasel - To kill someone
PoPo - Police
Ports - Windows of an automobile
Por vida - Spanish for: "for life"; "always"
Posse - Synonymous with gang; primarily used on East Coast; Jamaican gang members
Primo - marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine
Puro 13 - Meaning "Pure 13"; a reference to Southern California allegiance
Puta - Spanish for "prostitute"
Put 'em in check - To discipline someone
Put in work - Doing an enemy; do a shooting; a mission
Puto - Spanish for "homosexual"
Puto mark - Crossing out or disrespecting another gangs graffiti
Que pasa - Spanish for "What's happening?"
Que paso - Spanish for "What happened?"<
Queen - Female gang member
RIP - Rest In Peace; used in graffiti as a sign of past or futur violence
Rack up - Shop lift in large quantities
Rag - Gang colors<
Rata - An informant; snitch
Red Rum - Murder spelled backwards
Red Zone - Prepare for war; get ready
Relative - Blood term for homeboys
Ride - Car
Ride on - To go to a rival gangs neighborhood or turf to fight or do a drive-by shooting
Rifa, rifamos - Spanish slang meaning "We rule", "We reign", "We are the best"
Right Hand Soldier - Term used by some BGD; meaning 2nd in command next to Original Gangster
Rip-off - Steal/take; as in taking drugs from a dealer
Road Dog - Homie; partner; close friend
Rockafella - Rock him to sleep; kill him
Rock star - Crack cocaine user
Rolled up - Arrested
Rollin one time - 5-0 (police) are coming
Rooster - Piru (Bloods)
Rosco - Gun (usually a hand gun)
Ruby Red - Girl; woman; lady; bitch
SLA - Symbionese Liberation Army
SMM - Sex, Money, Murder
STR8 - STR plus 8 = "straight"
SWP - Supreme White Power; also Salvadorians With Pride
sXe - Symbol representing "Straight Edgers
Saggin - Wearing pants real low; gangstering
Salami's - Derogatory term for Muslims
Satin Disciples - White (Caucasian) Disciples gang members
Scarface - New York Bloods
Scary Dudes - Latin Kings
Scrap - Derogatory term used by Norteño (Northern California) gang members to describe Sureño (Southern California) gang members
Seeing eye nigga - I've got your back covered
Sell out - To sell out your race; your set; your gang
Set - Neighborhood gangs; term used for a gang by members of street gangs. Many sets are loyal to the Bloods, Crips, or People or Folks Nations.
Set tripping - To jump from one gang to another
Shank - Home-made prison knife
Shaolin - Reference to Staten Island (NY)
Shive - Home-made prison knife
Shot caller - Gang member in charge
Shovel time - Time to kill or bury someone
Six pack - Police line up of six individuals
Six popping, five dropping - Folk shooting, People dropping (dying)
Slanging - Selling cocaine on the streets
Slipping - Not being alert; not paying attention
Sleeved - Members arms covered with tattoos
Slob - Crips derogatory name for Bloods
Smoke - To shoot someone
Snow cone - An ice pick (used as a weapon)
Soflon - Spanish for informant; snitch; stool pigeon
Soldier - Lower echelon gang member; performs tasks and commits crimes as ordered
Stall it out - To stop doing something; discontinue
Stinger - Prison term: a home-made electrical device to heat water
Store - Prison commissary
Straight (Str8) - For real; serious
Straight Edgers (sXe) - White vegetarians who denounce alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; some prone to violence
Strapped - To be packing (carrying) a gun
Strawberry - A white prostitute on crack cocaine
Sudan - Five Percenters name describing Dallas, TX
Sur 13 - Sur - Spanish meaning "south" - 13 indicates allegiance to Southern California
Sup - What's up
Surat - Derogatory term for Sureño
Sureño /Sureño 13 - Spanish meaning "southern" or "from the south"; 13 synonymous with south
T4L - Thug 4 Life; Thug For Life
TG - Tiny Gangster (young gang member)
TS - Texas Syndicate prison gang
TTTT - Tattoo used by Asian gangs; represents: Tihn (love) Tien (money), Tu (prison), Toi (crime
Take him out of the box - To kill someone
Tat - Tattoo
Terror Dome - Attica Prison (NY)
Texas Syndicate - Hispanic prison gang
The torch is lit - Gang hit
Thug Life - Popular graffiti and tattoo; also: (1) Blood term: I love my Blood set; (2) Folks Nation Term -  "Traditional Hoover UnderGround referring to nations leader Larry Hoover
Thumper - Gun
Tools - corrections term for weapons
To the curb - Broke; no money or drugs
Toss up - A girl used for sex
Trece - Spanish meaning "13" - term used by Hispanics to show allegiance to Southern California
Trey eight - 38 caliber pistol
Triple O - Bloods gangster
Turbo - Marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine
Turf - Gang territory; usually in a neighborhood
Turning out - Disrupting with violence
UBL - Undying Blood Love
UBN - United Blood Nation - an alliance of Blood sets
Up on it - To know about the drug scene; doing well
VL - Vice Lords street gang
Varrio - Spanish meaning "neighborhood"
Vato - Spanish meaning "man", "guy", "dude"
Vato Loco - Spanish meaning "crazy dude", "gangster"
Veterano - Oldest of the gang members; veteran; former member
Vice Lords - Chicago's oldest street gang
Vicky Lou's - Derogatory name for Vice Lords
Vida Loca - Crazy life
WAR - White Aryan Resistance
Wave - Short hair cut
Waz up - What's up; what's happening
West Asia - Five Percenters name describing San Francisco, CA
Wet 'em up - Rap slang: to make someone bleed as in stabbed or shot
What it B like - Bloods member greeting
What it C like - Crips member greeting
Word - O.K.; all right
X3 - 13; relates to Southern California Hispanics
X4 - 14; relates to Northern California Hispanics
XIII - 13; relates to Southern California Hispanics
XIV - 14; relates to Northern California Hispanics
XV3 (18) - 18th Street Gang
YG - Young Gangster - A new member
Y Que - Spanish meaning "So what?" or "What are you going to do about it?"
Z - Frequently replaces letter "S" as in Gangstaz, Thugz for life
Zip gun - Home made pistol